What to do when your ex comes crawling back

There’s a reason your mom always told you, “honey, they always come back.”

“Oh really, mom?! No they don’t! My life is over and he’ll never talk to me again!”

Have you had this convo, too?

Okay, so yea, we’re all guilty of thinking our moms don’t know best – but usually, they do.

We think it’s completely over but then somehow, someway, the person we like or love comes back into the picture.

It may not be instantaneous but chances are, they come back eventually.

Now this is where it gets tricky, though.

We have to know exactly what to do when they come back if we want them to stick around this time.

Here’s what you should do when that person contacts you after ending things:

  1. Remain calm. Do not freak out and pour your heart out right away.
  2. Act like you haven’t been waiting for them to call. “Oh, hey. How have you been?” would be a good response. You don’t want them to think you base your feelings on them because you don’t! (even if you do a little, don’t EVER admit it)
  3. Do let them know what you’ve been up to and make it sound busy as to say, “breaking up with you actually made my life so much better. Look at all of the things I’ve done!”
  4. DO NOT YELL OR BE CONFRONTATIONAL. This is vital. Do not, under any circumstances, yell or get mad because the second you do, it gives them an excuse to leave again – “oh, look she hasn’t changed and I don’t want to be yelled at again.”
  5. Avoid hanging out again right away. You’re officially on a schedule of your own so you don’t have time to just add them right back into that. Also, hanging out with them the first time they suggest it will make you look desperate.

If they come back, you’ve got to play games to get them to stick around – if you want them around, that is.

If you’re seeing someone else and it isn’t serious yet, don’t dump them right away. Your old fling has a lot to prove to you before you leave someone who might be better for you in the long run!

Okay, okay, rant is over!

Love you guys!


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