Why dating your ex’s friend is a really good idea

Wanna get a little sweet revenge against your ex-boyfriend? Does he happen to have a friend you’re interested in? Cool!

Take a tip from Kylie Jenner and date his friend – aka dump Tyga and hit up Travis Scott. (although, I might advise against getting pregnant right away.)

Nothing grinds a guy’s gears like his ex chic dating his friend.

There are a few rules to doing this correctly though without looking too calculated.

Here are the rules of dating your ex’s friend:

  1. Take your time. You have to wait at least 5 months after you’ve ended things with your ex to date his friend. Dating his friend took quickly after your last relationship makes the new relationship look too calculated.
  2. Make sure you’re totally over your ex. You have to make sure you are 100% over your ex because if you’re not, things are bound to get messy. Also, dating your ex’s friend pretty much ensures that you and your ex will never get back together so make sure you’re ready for that cold hard truth.
  3. Talk to friends who know everyone in the equation. Consult with people who know you, your ex and his friend. It’s smart to get an opinion of a person slightly removed to gauge how everyone else will act when the news becomes public.
  4. Talk to the new guy about it. If you both think it’ll be weird when your ex finds out, maybe one of you wants to warn him before everyone else knows. Having your ex already know about the relationship might soften the blow before your first Instagram post together – “new bae”.
  5. Be casual about it. Don’t try to tell everyone right away and get the news to your ex. Don’t immediately start posting snapchats with the new guy in hopes that someone specific sees it. Make sure you actually like the new guy before you start any unnecessary drama. Plus, you don’t want the new guy to think you’re just using him to get back at your ex – that isn’t cool either.

Moral of the story: You should totally date your ex’s friend but remember to play it cool so you look classy in the end and not like you purposely calculated everything to get back at your ex.

Do you, boo boo! You got this! ❤

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