Stop dating the un-dateable guy

If you’re really serious about finding someone to date whether it’s casual or serious, stop going after the guys who won’t date you – aka the un-dateable guys. There are a few categories you should avoid.

Here’s a list of guys who are typically un-dateable:

  1. Athletes: Athletes almost never want to settle down while they’re still playing. The girls that get these guys either date them before they get big or after they’re  done playing in the league and thinking they’re the best thing God every created.
  2. Musicians: Musicians are always on tour which means they’re always around a new group of thirsty girls. They’re most likely hooking up with different chics who throw themselves at the guys anytime they get a chance. Musicians almost never settle down until they’re done touring and trying to be America’s next teen heart throb.
  3. Actors: Actors are always on different sets which means they’re around a ton of different hot girls every day. They also have huge egos and need attention 24/7 so they’ll probably get with any girl who’s down on set. They don’t want a relationship because they want to seem available for fan-girls across the country.
  4. Influencers: Social media influencers have pages and pages of  DMs from girls on Instagram. They think they have options so they don’t want girlfriends.
  5. Promoters: Promoters are constantly texting and meeting up with hot girls to bring into that night’s hot venue which means they don’t want a girlfriend keeping tabs on them. They have girls texting them for plans every night so no need for a steady girlfriend.

Moral of the story: stop going after the same type of guy – the un-dateable douchebag. Stop setting yourself up for failure. If you actually want a guy who will stick around, date someone with a normal job who isn’t in the spotlight or constantly seeking attention from girls. Undateable guys are a large waste of time and feelings so save yourself. 


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