How to make sure your crush knows you’re interested

So you have a crush on a guy but you’re not sure he knows.

Maybe he isn’t the brightest crayon in the box or you aren’t very good at dropping hints.

You need to make sure he knows so you don’t miss your opportunity to be with him. But how do you do this and not look like a creepy stalker?

Here’s a few things you can do to make sure your crush knows you’re interested.

  1. Follow Up: Tell him you had a great time the last time you saw him and you’d like to see him again. This is advice for the bold, high risk, chics out there who are willing to really put themselves out there.
  2. Snap him. Snapchat him to let him know you’re thinking about him. You could snap him a selfie or pics of you doing adventurous things. This will make him feel special and can get a new conversation started! Just don’t send him an “obviously mass snap” that you clearly sent to a large group of people. Don’t send him one from your story either – it takes away from the “special” feeling.
  3. Like his posts. This seems obvious but make sure you keep up with his posts on social media and maybe comment if something is particularly interesting.
  4. Hit up his friends. Talk to his friends if you’re close with them. Let his friends know you’re crushin’ and see if they know anything about his interest in you.
  5. Invite him out. If you and your friends are hosting a get-together, be sure he knows he’s welcome to come and bring friends. This will make you look available too since you could invite any other guy to an event like that but you chose to invite him.

Basically, just try to make him feel special. Reach out, check in, and try to hang. If you do all of this and you still can’t tell if he likes you, you might have to bow out gracefully. If he doesn’t like the fact that you’ve distanced yourself, he’ll make sure to see you and if he lets you go, he doesn’t deserve your attention in the first place!

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