Stop being intimidated by the Harvard douchebag

So I met a guy.

He’s super cute, cool and we hit it off right away. We were totally vibin’ when he casually slipped in that he went to Harvard.

Then, for some weird reason, I freaked out. I was so intimidated because I thought he must be a genius so I tried to act smart and mention that I often enjoy listening to NPR Radio on my ride to trivia night. (I’ve never been to a “trivia night” in my life.)

I have no clue why I did this. I was acting like an idiot and the convo got weird so it never really went anywhere.

I was mortified. And after being mortified, I was disappointed in myself. I’m super cool and acted like a moron. I got intimidated because a guy went to an Ivy League college and started to act like someone I wasn’t.

It was lame.

So, I decided to make this PSA for you!

You meet a guy who is…

1. Smarter than you

2. Super hot

3. Super rich

4. V famous


Now you have to remember this:

  1. You’re cool
  2. You’re hot
  3. You have things going on
  4. People like you
  5. You have friends
  6. You have a personality


Just be yourself! If he thinks he’s cooler than you, then you don’t want him anyways! Try to act natural and see what happens but don’t forget all of the great things about yourself just because someone attended a fancy school or has a fancy job.


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