Vocab: Having a “sponsor”

I can’t begin to tell you how many girls on Instagram now have “sponsors.”

Oh, you thought that girl just paid her whole way to go to Ibiza by herself?


She’s got a “sponsor.”

These “sponsors” usually come in the form of old men with a lot of money.

These old guys, who definitely subscribe to Life Alert, pay for expensive shoes, purses, outfits for a young girl.

They also take them on extravagant trips to tropical destinations.

Not all of these “sponsors” are dating the girls, but claim they just like having them around.

Uhhh, okay.

You know a girl has a sponsor when all the sudden her Instagram looks like she’s been traveling the world alone.

You know who she’s really with? Her sponsor.

He, however, is in a wheelchair and she’s embarrassed to take a photo with him…hence the pictures alone by the Eiffel Tower.

Urban Dictionary defines “sponsor” as:

Sponsor: A person who helps another person by voluntarily providing money and services in hopes that one day some love will be reciprocated for the services. Usually women have sponsors.
“I asked my sponsor for two hundred dollars to pay my light bill.
“Sponsor” is a classy way of saying you have a “sugar daddy.”
Do you know someone who has a “sponsor”? Do you think having one is a good idea or a bad idea? Let us know in the comments below or anonymously email us at datingadouchebag@gmail.com ❤

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