Why to avoid “the talk”

We’re all compelled to do it at some point…but it doesn’t mean you should.

I’m talking about using this dreaded convo starter: “what are we?”

Literally DO NOT do it.

Please, for the love of Gucci.

Wanna know why?

The second you say, “can we talk about us?”, THE GUY IS GOING TO RUN AWAY.

He might not physically run out of the room immediately but mark my words, he’ll start to distance himself.

The second a guy feels like you need “more” from him, the more compelled he’s going to be to GTFO.

Fact: guys don’t like to be pressured.

If things are going smoothly, you like each other, and enjoy time together, then CHILL.

Enjoy it for what it is.

Whatever you do, don’t you think for a second that bringing up “getting more serious” is going to help you.

It will 100% only hurt you.

If a guy wants to be in a relationship, you’ll know.

It can be assumed that most girls already want a relationship so most of the time the guys are calling the shots on this one. Sorry ladies.

But my advice is simple, calm down and enjoy what you two have together.

I mean, if this continues for seven years, then maybe a conversation is necessary but for now, just enjoy what you have.

And really, why do you so desperately want to put a title on things? So your friends can see it’s official? Titles don’t mean much anyways.

If you want to be together, be together and drop the drama.

Mic drop.

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