Ex-boyfriends sending “memories”

There’s a new trend among ex-boyfriends sweeping the nation.

Ladies, we need to watch out and be aware.

The more you know the more prepared you can be…

These idiots are sending “memories” of your relationship from Facebook.

It will most likely be in the form of a screenshot saying “you’ve been friends with this person for 4 years,” or “this is the first time you were with this person,” or the always classic, “poke.”

When it happens, I need you to remain calm and follow these simple steps.

  1. Don’t give in.
  2. Don’t text back.
  3. Delete it immediately.
  4. Don’t start thinking about the good times.
  5. Remember all the bad times and the reasons you broke up.

I mean, if this is all he can do to try and get you back…are you kidding?

I’m gunna need a little more effort than that.

You literally sent a screenshot to me.

It probably took less than 35 seconds and then you called your current girlfriend – whoever that is this week.

Nonchalantly sending us “memories” from Facebook is not going to get us back.

They’re hoping you’ll burst out into tears and call them immediately.

LOL nah brah

I’m over you so stop trying to rekindle things using creepy social media tactics.

Don’t be weak and give in. This is not the time for that. The time now is to move on. Don’t let one silly “Facebook memory” be the reason you start to think about things.


Let us know what you think in the comments below! Has an ex ever tried to reach out to you using social media? Did you go back?!


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