Dating a guy in jail

He was my first ever boyfriend..I was in high school. So before we start, let’s agree not to judge me, okay?


So, being 16 at the time, naturally I was blind in love.

There were several issues I didn’t see at the time: 1.) I was 100% the rebound girl – he dated a girl right before me and wasn’t over her. 2.) He had real live anger issues.

Long story short, we were dating for about 4 months when I found out he tried to kill the new guy his ex-girlfriend was dating.

Yea, like MURDER.

Sorry for that bomb piece of information.

But yea, he tried to kill a guy (over his ex-girlfriend) while we were dating.

So he went to jail, yea JAIL.

This is not a joke.

And I stayed with him because I was young, stupid and thought I was in love.

Again, not a joke.

Then, the curveball of all curveballs happened and he DUMPED ME FROM JAIL.

That’s right.

I was dumped by a convict from jail and I was upset about it.

But after about a year of self-reflection, I thanked the lord above for getting me away from that weirdo!

Oh being young and dumb…like really dumb. Like jail love dumb.

You promised you wouldn’t judge.

All douchebag stories are completely anonymous. Send in yours to ❤



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