Douchebag Vocab: Homie Hopper

This week’s douchebag┬ávocab word of the week is: HOMIE HOPPER.

According to Urban Dictionary this is, “a girl or guy that hops from dating one person to another in the same friend group.”

In other words, a guy dates you, breaks up with you and then wants to date your friend.

This is when you see who your true friends are…

But for girls, I fully support a good homie hopper.

There are a few rules though…

  1. You have to wait at least 6 months to talk to or date friend #2.
  2. You have to keep it on the DL until you think you like friend #2 for real.
  3. You still have to act cool around the guy you originally dated, guy #1.
  4. You can’t do any of this if you were in a real, serious, committed relationship with guy #1.

As for avoiding a homie hopper, just don’t date guys who have dated your friends. It’s gross.


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