Bowling date douchebag

I met this guy online.

He seemed cool and all.

We were trying to set up something to do for our first date but I had a broken foot at the time.

We had a ton of different options that would work with my broken foot like the movies or a comedy show but he said he had a better idea and wanted it to be a surprise.

He picked me up and to my surprise, we end up at the bowling alley.

I’m sorry, what?

Don’t you see this broken foot in a boot? I can’t effing bowl right now.

So instead of participating, I sat and watched him bowl for an hour and a half.

He was clearly trying to show off but I’m sorry, bowling is just not impressive-my 86 year old grandma does it every other Wednesday at the nursing home.

So, I drank as many mai tais as the waitress would bring me and counted that part of the night as a win.

But never called the bowling douchebag again.

Way to pay attention to detail, dude!



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