Busted by the paparazzi

I’m in a girl band in England and I was dating a pretty well known male model on and off for about six years.

Our relationship was pretty public. We were seen out a lot together.

We would date and then breakup because he wanted to “focus on his career”-which was code for hookup with other girls.

And the paparazzi always found a way to tell everyone that…

We were back together about a year ago and then I got a call from my girlfriend.

She said, “omg did you see The Daily Mail?”

I hadn’t and was confused. I was thinking there might be a bad photo of me after the club or something.

But no. I probably would have preferred that to what she found.

She said there was a photo on the front page of the entertainment section of my boyfriend leaving a restaurant hand in hand with another girl.

The caption implied they had been spotted on a date and looked quite happy together. It also said that I must be “out of the picture now.”

Oh, that’s funny because I thought we were still dating? And so did the general public. I was so embarrassed and clearly upset.

I guess that’s one way to announce a breakup.

I freaked out and called him and he said they were just friends.

But then a month later, he ended things with me and immediately started dating the other girl.

Recently, when he found out that I was starting my own solo career singing, he texted to congratulate me and I never responded.

Such a douchebag!!

All douchebag stories are completely anonymous. Share yours here! Or email datingadouchebag@gmail.com ❤


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