What to do when your ex has a baby

I dated this guy for three years.

I loved him- I really did. But we were young.

He cheated on me with a girl from college and I couldn’t forgive him.

Of course, he started dating that same girl right after me – isn’t that always the way?

Anyways, it’s been two years and I just found out they’re having a baby.

They aren’t engaged or anything but hearing it kind of felt like a dagger to my heart.

I have a new boyfriend and everything but something inside of me wasn’t ready to let go of the thought that maybe me and my ex would end up together someday.

Now there’s no way we could ever be together again. I mean, he’s going to be a dad.

Holy sh*t.

He’s going to be a DAD.

Then, a light bulb goes off – a shiny, beautiful, chandelier light bulb.

I won the lottery!

That could’ve been me right now. I could be settling down and starting a family with a cheater right now but I’m not.

I could be miserable in a small town without any of the things I love in my current situation.

I have an amazing job, great friends and I love where I live. These are things I wouldn’t be willing to give up for a guy who would probably cheat on me again.

So as much as it will hurt to see them post baby pictures on Facebook, I have to remember that I dodged a bullet and it’s more important for me to live my life for myself right now rather than someone else.


“Just had a Revelation” Chic

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