5 things to do when you have a crush

Don’t deny it.

When we find someone new we really like, we go crazy.

We forget how to speak, think, or formulate ideas.

We can’t be funny or cute or even think about being sexy.

When we have a crush, we become the fourteen year old awkward version of ourselves minus the braces and with adult debt.

So here are some tips to follow when you realize you have a crush:

  1. PLAY IT COOL. Don’t look too eager or excited to hang out. When they mention something going on, maybe make up that you’re already busy at that time. Guys need a chase.
  2. Text strategically. If he takes 15 minutes to reply, take 20 minutes before you send something back. Don’t look like¬†you’re actually just sitting on the other side of the phone counting down the minutes and consulting all of your girlfriends about what to say next-which you are.
  3. Do exciting things-visibly. Go to a concert, dinner, or a movie with friends and don’t invite him. Also, post it on social media. Let him know how cool you are and that you don’t need him to date you to have a good time. You have fun no matter what, duh.
  4. Try not to think about him. I know this one is hard because all you can think about is your crush but occupy your time somewhere else. Go on a run. Blow off some steam and get that bikini bod ready for when you guys go to Cabo together, because I’m sure that’ll happen.
  5. NEVER text first. Let him be the one to start the conversation. We need to keep him on his toes and guessing. If he wants to talk, he’ll find out a way to reach you.


Hope this helps! Email any dating questions anonymously to datingadouchebag@gmail.com and we’ll do our best to answer them ASAP!


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