When you actually like his friend

So, you meet a cute guy at the bar.

You’re chatting and hitting it off.

He asks for your number and you could see yourself meeting up again.


His much hotter and “just your type” friends walks over.

You’re star struck.

He’s perfect.

He checks off all of the boxes you made up in your head…hot, smart looking, classy, wears Ferragamo shoes.

So when the first guys texts you the next week, you ignore him.

You now want the hotter friend.

So you add him on Instagram.

Let me stop you here.

Don’t do that!!!

Even if the hotter friend is into you, he’s never going to break the bro bible and date you once his friend has placed claim.

So, I’m sorry to say it but you’re stuck with the less hot one for now.

But you should still hang with the boring guy so you can see your actual crush on the daily, his roommate.


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