Why you should look uninterested

We’ve all done it.

We really like a guy and suddenly forget how normal people interact with each other.

We become weird, anti-social, idiots who kinda mimic cavemen or screaming girls at a Justin Bieber concert.

I chose the latter- Justin Bieber fan girl option.

I’ve had a crush on this guy for months.

I’d like to preface this convo with the fact that I am very cool in real life. I’m chill, ya know?

I’ve never had a problem talking to guys-until this one.

We all planned to meet up at a concert.

While my friends and I were pulling up, we saw my crush and his friends standing outside the venue.

THEN I MENTALLY BLACKED OUT and this happened…

Apparently, I rolled down the window, screamed my crushes name and waved my hands like a ravished dog infected with rabies.

This is what my friends told me after my out-of-body experience.

Then, we got into the event and understandably, he was distant…

I just stuck my head out of a speeding car to try and get his attention like a firefighter would do before telling someone to leave their house because it was about to blow.

Anyways, I think I learned that I need to chill, like for real.

I need to play it cool and even act a little uninterested because blacking out and screaming names out of a speeding car doesn’t work.

Food for thought.


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