Day 8: The Second date!

It’s day 8 of the #backonBumble challenge and I went on my second date!

Here’s how it went…

He suggested we do something adventurous.

Yea, he’s one of those.

My options were go kart racing, bowling, or a comedy show.

Immediately go kart racing was out.

I didn’t want to ruin my hair and makeup wearing those clunky helmets and likely get head lice.

Then, bowling…

Bowling. Is. So. Boring.

So nah on that.

That left me with a comedy show which I thought would be fun.

He was cool.

The show was pretty good.

But the theme of the night which we didn’t know before going?

Online dating…

Every comedian made jokes about online dating and then we got called on because somehow we were put right in front of the stage.

The comedian said, “hey, is this a first date? Did you meet online?”

I immediately turned redder than a stoplight and shook my head to lie and say we actually knew each other before tonight.

At the same time, my date proudly nodded his head yes.

The comedian thought that was funny so we were pretty much the butt of his jokes for the next half hour.

“So do you like this guy? Wanna marry him?”- those are some of the questions I got.

I wanted to die.

He couldn’t stop laughing and I was more embarrassed than I was when I got hit directly in the face during kickball in third grade gym class.

That was a traumatic experience-

The kickball to the face.

But more mortifying was sitting there for the comedic attack which people paid to attend.

Anyways, he was a good sport. I was so relieved when the slightly offensive “jokes” were over and I think we might hang again!

We’ll see if he texts…

I’ll update you guys first.

Much love,

#backonBumble hopeless romantic



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