The Yale Douchebag

I went to Yale.

I’m a nerd.

But not half as nerdy as the guys I’ve dated.

It’s funny because douchebags¬†really are everywhere.

The ones I’m used to dealing with just really like calculus.

Once in college, I received an acceptance letter via email from a guy in my class.

It read: “I’d like to go on a date with you. Please let me know if you will be accepting this offer or declining my invitation. I look forward to hearing your decision in the coming days.”

I replied, “Unfortunately, I’m not interested in dating right now so I have to decline the invitation but thank you for your consideration.”

As if dating him was something I sent in an application for…

The next day I heard in my business law class that he was very offended I declined him.

He told his friends that I should have been honored that he would come up with such a creative and cute way of asking me out.

FYI an acceptance letter ain’t cute.


All dating stories are completely anonymous.

Send yours in to ‚̧




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