Why you really shouldn’t talk politics

So, I had a date with this guy I’ve been crushing on from class.

We went to a cool event together.

The night was going great and then one of his friends brought up politics.

Since it was a first date and I didn’t want to look uneducated or awkward, I got in the conversation.

I talked about who I voted for this past election and then I looked at my guy.

He was looking at me with disgust.

He clearly voted for a different candidate.

At that point, I froze and tried to change the subject but it was too late.

We were officially talking politics.

The spark was gone.

He went and talked to other people as I stood there with his friends still discussing stupid policies and voter fraud.

I hate my life.

Don’t make the same mistake.

Ditch political talk on date one.

Send in your #datingdisasters to datingadouchebag@gmail.com to be anonymously shared here!


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