Day 7: Matching with your EX



It’s day 7 of the #backonBumble challenge and what a wonderful surprise I ran into…


Ugh. I hate him.

Jk, I wish we were still together. UGH.

I mean, I assumed he was dating again but having to see it for myself was tough.

Seeing the same profile a million other girls will see on Bumble and probably swipe right on…

He looks good on paper, people.

I swiped left to deny him but part of me was tempted to swipe right and see what happened.

His profile screamed “I’m trying to be so LA RN” so I hope that’s working out well for him.

I hope he was upset or at least surprised to see me on Bumble, too.

Yea dude, I’m not still crying over you, FYI!

I’m officially moving on!

Thanks for ghosting me BTW.

Okay, I gotta go start swiping again.

P.S. I have another date lined up!!!

I’ll fill you in on it first.

Buzzzzzzzz ❤


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