Dating disaster: When he passes out

I have two kids.

I’m divorced.

I live in Texas.

Dating is HARD.

But every once in a while, I give it a try.

A friend was trying to set me up with this guy who sounded great on paper.

He was in the military, very respectful, put together, and a “great protector”.

So, I figured “what the hay” and we started texting.

Then, we were trying to set up a date but we’re both so busy that we were having a hard time setting something in stone.

Finally one night after two weeks of trying to get together, he said he was coming over.

I freaked out because I was in my pajamas and had just put the messy haired kids to bed.

I wasn’t ready for a visitor!!!

But I figured YOLO and gave him the green light.

He got there, was really nice, and brought a bottle of wine.

I had about a glass of wine and he quickly finished the rest.

Then, he fell asleep on my couch.

Not a cute, “aww he fell asleep, lemme take a pic for snap”, but a “wtf is this stranger doing sleeping in my living room.”

So, I gently woke him up and said it was time for bed (for me) so he should probably leave.

He then so bluntly and boldly said, “so, do you want to have sex?”

I literally laughed in his face and said, “no, I’m okay, thank you.”

I pretty much had to push this guy out my door and I haven’t replied to a text of his since.

Like, you’re kidding right?

#datingdisaster #douchebagstories #datingadouchebag

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