10 hottest players in Super Bowl 51

While our boyfriends analyze the game and our parents watch the commercials, we’re taking notes about the hottest players this Super Bowl.

It’s an important job.

Someone has to do it.

So we did.

You’re welcome.

Here are the ten hottest players this Super Bowl starting with the hottest, of course.

  1. Tom Brady– Yea, he’s taken by a Victoria’s Secret Angel, but he’s still great eye candy for all of us to share. tom-brady
  2. Rob Gronkowski– He should def give up the whole “acting career” thing but he’s still one of the hottest guys on the field this year. rob-gronAlso, here’s a questionable photo shoot of him with cats.
  3. Matt Ryan– I’d catch any ball he threw at me. (He’s Falcon’s quarterback, duh)matt-ryan
  4. Julius Edelman– Some girl hooked up with him after having a Tinder date and then told everyone via social media. Can’t trust THOTS, I suppose. But also can’t say I wouldn’t do the same thing. julius
  5. Julio Jones– He made the best catch in the Super Bowl this year. This guy is a straight winner. julio-jones
  6. Danny Amendola– I guess he’s dating Olivia Culpo. I wonder how he compares to a Jonas brother. danny
  7. Chris Long– He has the cutest wife and family I’ve ever seen. Round of applause for this guy- a football guy with morals! chris
  8. Matt Bosher– Wife is stunning. I love her. I want to be her. The end. matt
  9. Jimmy Garoppollo– Seems like a really down to Earth guy, into it. jimmy
  10. Paul Worrilow– He literally saved someone’s life. This is a real story. Need I say more? paul.jpg


Have anyone you think we should add? Comment below!


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