Day 6: Online dating in LA

It’s day 6 of the #backonBumble challenge and I’m lol-ing.

Dating in LA is weird enough but online dating in LA is straight up weird.

All the guys are G list celebrities but think they’re on the A list so it makes for some hysterical Bumble bios and opening lines.

Here are some of this week’s headliners that are oh, so LA.

1. Matched with a guy who was on ONE episode of Millionaire Matchmaker. Cool, dude.  I guess it was the espiode with former Bachelor contestant Ashley Iaconneti though, and I love her so I will admit I was a little interested. But once he figured out I wasn’t starring in the next big reality show, he disappeared.

2. Speaking of The Bachelor, I also came across Christian Bishop from JoJo’s season of The Bachelorette. We didn’t match so nothing too exciting there. But if you haven’t seen this photo of him naked with ornaments you literally have to right now.

3. I matched with Phillip Chbeeb from So You Think You Can Dance so that was pretty exciting but he never messaged back. It’s fine, I guess we can’t be friends. Boo, you whore.

4. I came across a guy who was on an episode of Room Raiders, that MTV show where they raid your room and find dirty beds, laundry and other weird ish. Here’s his opening line: “Hey remember that show Room Raiders? Yea, I was on it.” Please tell me that doesn’t still work for you.

5. I came across Justin Bieber’s Bumble profile which was 100% fake but man, I really wanted it to be real. #imabelieber #forlife

More updates to come ❤




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