Day 5: The first date!!

It’s day 5 of the #backonBumble challenge and I went on the first real date!!

The guy was cool.

It appeared he wasn’t a murderer and he could hold a conversation.

He also went to the same college as me so that gave us a lot to talk about.

He was, however, wearing a red plaid lumberjack shirt but I did my best to overlook that.

The date overall was pretty good, nothing to write home about but good because I wasn’t stood up or roofied and I count that as a win.

Until the end of the date…

All the sudden he said that his roommate was there, too.

“Omg, Steve! Hey!” He said like he didn’t know he’d be there.

Uhm, I’m sorry. What the hell is happening?!

He said it was just a coincidence but it was clear that he told his friend where he was and he came to stalk the date/meet me.

I was horrified.

When his roommate and girlfriend came up they tried talking to us like we were a couple.

The girlfriend was like, “aww we’re gunna have to double soon.”

No girl, I’m not interested in your lumberjack friend, FYI.

All in all though, I’m happy I went.

He was a nice guy, it was a good dinner, and I didn’t lose anything by going.

I’m happy to be back on the dating horse!

Cheers to more dates! And less roomie tag alongs, please.


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