Day 4: Matches are rollin in

So far the Bumble matches have been rolling in thanks to my generous right swipes this time around.

I would say that maybe only half at most have responded back and carried on a full conversation with me and the other connections have expired because they never responded.

With the first guy that messaged back I thought I might be in love because he *gasp* responded – what a concept!!

I’ve also done a lot of swiping left though and surprisingly a good majority of these guys were people I actually knew so that’s not ideal.

Even came across my cousin at one point…Oh, hey Tony…no thanks…

I’m here to meet new people so of course none of the guys I already knew¬†got a right swipe.

I did come across some guys that went to my alma mater but we didn’t know each other so that was kind of fun having that in common.

Out of the matches I’ve had a convo with, 2 of them have asked me out so far and now I have a dinner date set for tomorrow with one of them!

YOLO right? We’ll see how this goes!

Of course, I’ll be filling you in first.


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