Day 3: Why I’m back on Bumble

I feel like I should take a step back and tell you why I decided to start the #backonbumble challenge in the first place.

Here’s a little background on where I stood with dating apps in the past.

I was once the queen of all things online dating.

I did it all – Bumble, Tinder, The League, Grouper, you name it! I was on a roll and it introduced me to a number of new people.

In fact, I met my ex on Tinder years ago when it first started gaining hype. The plethora of apps proved to be fruitful in some regards but in other ways it felt very one-ended because after being matched with someone many of the conversations just fizzled out.

Because of this, I have a love-hate relationship with dating apps and have found myself deleting and reactivating my account time and time again.

The other night as I was having dinner with my girlfriends, we were talking about our dating frustrations and then I realized I had nothing to lose and everything to gain, so I decided to get back on Bumble again.

Hence the #backonBumble challenge.

At one point I was a VIBee (which I’m not even sure how I obtained that status but thanks Bumble) but since deleting my account I’ve now lost that title and have started fresh sorting through the sea of guys LA has to offer.

Dating in LA actually sucks but along with the rebirth of my Bumble profile I have decided to also have a new outlook on this whole thing.

I tend to feel like I swipe left more often than I swipe right so I am now trying to turn that around and not be so narrow with my search.

The great thing about dating apps is:

1) They’re free.

2) You can use them from anywhere.

3) You are exposed to people you wouldn’t normally meet just out and about.

4) It’s a pretty decent pastime.

So now I’m back at it again and this Bumble bee will be buzzing along in no time!

You should join me! What’s there to lose?!


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