The biggest dating mistake

The biggest dating mistake is forgetting you might have to do “real life” with this person someday.

If you think you’ve found the one ask yourself a few questions.

  1. Can this person help me live the life I want to live?
  2. Will they make the kind of money that helps us support the lifestyle we want to live?
  3. Are they rational thinkers?
  4. Do they support me? Emotionally and physically?
  5. Do they believe in me and my goals?

Sure. They might be hot. You might feel like you have a lot of chemistry. You might say they’re your best friend.

You might have a great time together but if they’re not someone you can seeĀ helping you pay the bills or take out the trash, you’re wasting your time.

Sure, it’s awesome to love someone. But there’s a lot more that should be considered when picking a partner.

A partner should be someone you want on your team-someone you can see helping you achieve your goals and someone you believe will be successful themselves.

We can’t settle for someone because, “we just get each other.”

Sounds like a recipe for divorce.

“We loved each other but when it came to real world problems, we had no clue how to face them together.”

It’s a common cry.

So, before making any big moves with someone ask yourself if you want to do “real life” with them-when the kids are crying and you’re stressed at work or tragedy strikes.

Are they really the ones you want to go into battle with? Are they even capable?

Choose wisely!


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