He cheated on reality TV

—All “Douchebag Stories” are completely anonymous.—

So he was an actor/model. (insert eye roll)

I met him at work. I’m a stylist so I was putting together a few new looks for him. He got my number and then pursued so hard.

I finally gave in and we started dating.

After about two months of dating, he said he was cast to be on a reality show for E!

He was so excited about it. He said this was going to be, “his big break.”

He got on the show through a girl he knew from back home.

After filming the first episode, he said they told him they loved him on camera and wanted to sign him for a few more episodes. He was stoked.

But I was confused.

He never really said exactly what he was doing on the show.

But whatever. We continued dating.

Seven months went by and then the show aired.

I didn’t even see it myself but my friends called me frantically.

He showed up on the show as one of the girl’s boyfriends and there were scenes of them literally hooking up.

I called him and freaked out, naturally.

He said it didn’t mean anything and that I was crazy for not celebrating his “big break.”

It’s then that I had to cut him off. He was mentally insane if he thought it was cool to hook up with some chick on reality TV but call me a girlfriend on the side.

Boy bye.

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