People are inherently good

Forewarning: it’s about to get political.

Today I’m still in shock that we, as a nation, elected Donald Trump, a reality television star, to hold the most important office in the country.

The least qualified person to ever run for president just got the job…after running against the most qualified.

Over the course of his campaign, he’s insulted every single one of us.

He’s insulted minorities. He’s insulted women. He’s insulted hard working people. He’s insulted poor people. He’s insulted you and he’s insulted me.

Yet, some people literally filled in the bubble to vote for him.

My mind is literally blown.

I have friends in foreign nations posting online concerned about what this means for them since everything is affected by the United States.

I have friends who are gay and fear they may not be able to marry the one they love some day.

I have friends who are hispanic and crying fearful their family may be deported.

I have friends who are African American and scared to leave the house.

I have friends that won’t be able to get an abortion if they need to.

I have friends and family members who will lose their insurance and fear for their health in a nation that promised to keep it’s citizens safe in the founding documents.

I can only hope that people really paid attention during the campaign. I hope that they watched the debates. I hope they watched more than one channel when learning about the election. I hope that they talked to people on each side.

And if that all happened accordingly, then we all have to shut our mouths.

The people have spoken, I guess.

After a lot of reflection, I’ve come to a conclusion.

People are inherently good. We want to work together. We want to live peacefully and continue on with the traditions that make this the best place on Earth to live-no matter what party we support.

What we have to understand is that everyone has a different experience in this life.

They vote the way they vote based on a million different reasons.

It might have been because that’s the way their parents are voting or it’s based on what they saw on social media or television.

It could be based on bigger things like people fearing for their safety one way or another.

The bottom line is that we’re all in this together. We all want the same thing-a promising future.

Let’s try to work together and see past our differences. Let’s appreciate one another and everything we’ve been lucky enough to experience in this great nation.

Go in peace and try to better understand each other. ❤




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