Wait, you’re not in bed rn

—All “Douchebag Stories” are completely anonymous.—

I was literally the best girlfriend in the world.

I was always doing cute surprises and treating him like a king.

So one night I made dinner at his place while he was at work and was going to do a nice dinner and drinks surprise when he got back home.

But he never came home.

I waited up for hours, the food got cold, and I called him a million times.


So finally, after hours of not replying to texts, he answered very annoyed.

He said, “I’m in bed. What do you want?!”

I said, “Hmm. Super interesting since I’m laying in your bed right now. Who’s bed are you in?”

He was busted.

He was at another chic’s house and then had the balls to break up with me the next day because I was, “crazy.”

Unreal. I’ve never treated a guy like a king again. It’s not worth it. Boy Bye.

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