That time I dated a Vegas promoter

—All “Douchebag Stories” are completely anonymous.—

I should’ve known dating a Vegas promoter was a bad idea.

Of course, I met him during Spring Break and fell head over heels. He took care of my friends and I the whole trip and seemed super sweet.

So, we kept talking after I left and eventually started “dating.”

But it never really looked like we were dating because he wouldn’t post pictures with me on social media.

He’d say, “babe, I’m a promoter. Promoters aren’t supposed to look like they have girlfriends. It’d kill my business.”

Sounded reasonable…

We did the whole long distance thing for a while but after two years he convinced me to move to Vegas so I could be with him.

I quit my job, left my family and packed up my life for him.

Two weeks after moving there though, something changed. He didn’t want to hang out or bring me out anywhere anymore.

Then, he broke up with me. This was on a Friday. He said it “just wasn’t working out.”

That Sunday (two days later) he posted a picture with a blonde chic saying, “Everyone meet Bae.”

TWO DAYS after he “broke up with me” he has a new bae?!

AND he has the balls to post a picture with her publicly?! Weird…couldn’t do that when I was around.

So now they’re dating and he still hits me up asking if I want to hang out. Like what?!

Boy bye.

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