Then a brick comes through the window

—All “Douchebag Stories” are completely anonymous.—

Here’s a story about a guy who should win an Academy Award for his acting ability.

So, I thought I had a boyfriend.

You know…the guy that makes sure he tells even the check out girl at the grocery store how crazy he is about you. He was into it.

I assumed this was obviously exclusive. Duh.

Who’s that in love with more than one girl?

So we’re hanging out one night at his place. We’re watching a movie. Super casual night.

But then, a BRICK comes flying through the window! Yea, a real brick. Window shattered. I’m in shear panic.

“Who is that?!” I’m screaming. “Who would do that?! What’s happening?!”

He says, “I have no idea!”

I run into the back of the house because I’m scared and he goes out the front door to assess the situation.

Then, to my surprise, I find him outside explaining who I am to his GIRLFRIEND who had just thrown the brick through the window.

I figured the safest option was to sneak out the back door and never speak to him again for fear that chick would find me with more than a brick the next time.

A year after the debacle, I see that he and the brick thrower got married.

Who knew? Bricks seem to be a huge symbol of love for a douchebag.

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