How to spot a douchebag


We sat down with the hilarious creator of #adderallandcompliments and talked about how to spot a douchebag.

These are some douchebag red flags according to Annabelle:

When I hear the word “douchebag” I think any guy with a penis who lives in LA.

1. Anybody who is a “DJ”, AKA they play their mac books for a living.

2. I feel like any guy who has more than one piece of jewelry on…

Unless it’s some diabetes or life alert bracelet, which is what I go for because I look for really old guys who are circling the drain with an absentee Jamaican nurse.

3. Anybody who is wearing ripped jeans.

4. Guys who are still rocking the Abercrombie, Hollister clearance isle look.

5. Wearing a graphic tee

6. Wearing a jersey for a sports team that they do not play for, if you’re wearing Tony Romo’s job uniform, when it’s not your job, I think that’s odd.

It’s like if I wore a Hooter’s girls uniform and didn’t work there, it’s like unless you work at that place, you shouldn’t wear it.

7. If he pulls out a wallet and it’s made of Velcro, no.

Just run as fast as you can, run into traffic, run into an uber, run into a stranger’s car, just get the f*ck out.


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