Stage 5 Clinger/Gym Rat Type

—All “Douchebag Stories” are completely anonymous.—

Here’s a story about why you probably shouldn’t date a co-worker.

Before going on a date with this guy, I had a few red flags.

1. He would text me 5 times in a row.

2. He would send snaps of him and his abs at the gym.

3. He was a coworker.

Very toolbaggy mixed with stage 5 clinger habits and we work together.

But I thought, YOLO, he’s hot and seemed like a good guy.

Plus, his persistence in asking me out after getting rejected finally got to me and I agreed to go on a date with him.

We had a decent time on the date but I wasn’t feeling it on an intimate level so I followed up the date with a friend card offering.

THEN the psycho toolbag told me I was “trash” and told all of our co-workers what happened.

Listen dude, I’m sorry I killed your juicehead gym freak super ego but get over it.

He basically tried to blackmail me at work and things got awkward.

But a week later he called me and left a voicemail saying he still wanted to be with me.

Super interesting approach dude…

Work has been a little weird but everyone in the office can see his steroids are doing the talking and he’s crazy. So at least they sympathize.

Needless to say, red flags are there for a reason and you should seriously respect them.


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