He changed her name in his phone

I was dating this guy who seemed super cool and we were in the early stages of hanging out.

He was always super protective of his phone but who isn’t now a days? So I ignored it and played it cool.

One day, he lost his phone in the car. My first instinct was to call it for him so he could find it.

I called his phone and saw it under the seat…but it was weird…it said “Trevor” was calling…

Wait, Trevor? Maybe it’s one of his friends calling at the same time…but then I realized that’s what he had saved my number as and my name is most definitely not “Trevor.”

So, it appears as if he was trying to hide me and when he was with his other side chicks, it’d only look like he was texting his good buddy, “Trevor.”

What a douchebag.

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All douchebag stories are completely anonymous. This is a safe place for girls to vent about douchebags they’ve had to deal with over the years.



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