She was about to move in

I met my ex in Colorado and we were together for a few weeks there. I live in Chicago so we dated long distance and flew to each other once a month for 2 years.

One day, out of nowhere (6 weeks before I was supposed to move in with him) he said we didn’t have a future together and dumped me.

Mind you, everything was COMPLETELY fine with us-no red flags, not acting different… nothing. He couldn’t even call me to break up with me.

So I did some digging and found out he had been talking to a girl he knew from college for like 4 months. He initiated everything with her and had her come visit the weekend before he broke up with me but insisted nothing happened.

We never had trust issues and he gave me zero reason not to trust him.

So now they’re dating and he had the nerve to text me 2 weeks after he dumped me on my birthday saying, “hope you’re doing well and hope you have a good birthday”…uhm, hell no.

We talked about getting really recently. Dudes a sociopath.

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All douchebag stories are completely anonymous. This is a safe place for girls to vent about douchebags they’ve had to deal with over the years.


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