How guys see girls on Instagram

We sat down with the creator of #TheGentleMentor, Scottie Jordan, to see what guys really think about girls who bare it allĀ on social media.

Scottie’s opinion:

Ladies on Instagram can do whatever they want. But I think the ones who are looking for a real gentleman and not a douchebag, need to look at themselves. They need to say to themselves, “what am I portraying?”

If you want to post a bikini pic, cool, more power to you, love your body, whatever it is, but if you’re doing it to get likes-that’s how you’re going to get a douchebag.

All douchebags are doing is scrolling through looking at #bikini.

Respect yourself and demand respect from these men. If you want respect you have to look at what you’re doing.

Don’t settle. Don’t settle for the first guy that you see. Take your time and get to know somebody.

If a guy isn’t respecting you and you see a future with him, you have to either demand what you want or let him go.





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