Signs you’re dating a douchebag

We’ve all done it-dated a douchebag. They’ll cheat on you, treat you badly, but somehow you can’t help but take them back. It’s a vicious cycle. Here are some red flags to look out for before you’re in too deep.

  1. He won’t let you see his phone. SKETCH. Why not? Well, because he’s literally texting 4 other girls and when you fall asleep next to him in his bed, he’ll still be up texting them goodnight.
  2. He hides you from the world. He sneaks you out of his house after you hang out at night. I know it seems obvious, but realize he’s hiding you from his roommates and friends so they don’t know you exist.
  3. He hides you from his family. Another classic douchebag move is when his parents come into town and somehow you don’t get the invite to see them. Red flag. This probably means he’s telling his parents you don’t exist or aren’t in his life anymore.
  4. He hides you on social media. If you think you’re dating a guy but his social media makes it look like he hasn’t dated a girl since the 8th grade, he’s hiding you. He’s trying to keep his options open so if some new hot chick follows him, he can easily slide into those DMs without looking like a douchebag.
  5. He takes a bunch of pictures with other girls. If you ever confront him about it, he’ll say things like, “she’s my friend from childhood.” But then more and more girls from childhood start popping up, oh, and texting him everyday. Seems as if the relationship didn’t end in preschool after all.
  6. You stop getting invited to social functions. If he doesn’t want to show you off in a social setting, he’s hiding you and looking for other girls. If you’re around, it makes it harder to hit on every girl at the bar.
  7. He calls you crazy. If he calls you crazy, that’s his bad. He did something to make you crazy. No girl ever starts out crazy. Also, he’ll say every single one of his ex’s are “crazy”.
  8. You never feel good enough. He always wants to keep you down. He does this to make you feel “lucky” to be with him. The truth is, you’re way cooler than him and he knows it but can’t admit it because you might run.
  9. He doesn’t post pictures with you. If you have to twist your man’s arm to post a picture with you on your birthday and in that pity birthday post he refers to you as “this chick”, he’s hiding you and telling side chicks you’re “a childhood friend.”
  10. He follows random girls on Instagram AND likes their pictures. If he’s following a cheerleader in every state and liking all of their pictures, he’s trying to talk to them. Your guy shouldn’t technically need to follow or like any other girls’ pictures (unless they’re real childhood friends-highly unlikely).
  11. He’s the biggest liar in the world. If nothing he ever says adds up, he gets sloppy with his lies and excuses, it should be easy to see he’s a douchebag and won’t ever change.
  12. He doesn’t want to go out to the bars or clubs with you. He’ll say things like “go out with the girls, I’ll go with the guys and we’ll meet up later.” Sounds like a great idea in theory but when it comes down to it, he just doesn’t want to be seen out with you-so all the other girls at the bar think he’s available.
  13. People tell you he’s cheating on you. I know this one seems super obvious but as I explained before, douchebags are talented liars so they know how to get out of any sticky situation. The fact of the matter is, no one is going to make up a specific story about your guy cheating and tell you in hopes of breaking up your relationship. No one cares that much. They’re telling the truth and then it’s your job to decide what to do with that information.



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