Dating a Douchebag

My friends and I kept dating the same types of guys-douchebags.

After several boozey brunches, we figured we should write about our experiences as a sort of public service announcement.

We all know him- the ultimate douchebag. He’s the one that goes from girl to girl to girl quicker than he can memorize all of their names.

He’ll call you one day, you think things are different so you go back, only to find out he will never change and will never want to date you.

Spoiler alert- he won’t date you. The good news for us is that these guys will never change. The same stuff he does to you now, he’ll do to his poor and sad wife one day. So at least we know we’re not missing out on much.

A lot of us get involved with a dumb douchebag. It’s easy to do. They seem so great in the beginning. They know all the right things to say…because they’ve been spitting the same game to girls since the 8th grade.

Until one day you realize they’ve been cheating on you the whole time and everything you thought was true about your relationship was a huge lie. Unfortunately, by this point, we’re in too deep. We like them too much. We think we need them in our lives anyway we can get them.

We’re here to tell you, you don’t need them. In fact, your life will be significantly better without them.

This blog will take you through our journey of #datingadouchebag. My friends and I will tell you what we learned from dating douchebags, how we got out, and how we’re doing things now. This is all to help you identify the douchebag and avoid him like the plague.


Douchebag Detector


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